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Guangzhou Galaxy Food Products Co., Ltd. is a fully foreign owned entity of the Singapore based Galaxy Food Pte. Ltd. Galaxy Food Limited is an associate company based in the Hong Kong SAR.The company main product lines are confectionery and candies, that include hard candies, soft candies such as jelly and marshmallow, bubble gum, hand-crafted candies, biscuit and cookies, chocolate and cake icing decorations.
In pursuit of quality, the Company has obtained several international recognized quality standards: ISO9000, HACCP, GMP, IFS, and BRC, and also attained a Grade A rating in the China Health Certification. The products produced are also HALAL certified. The Company’s products are exported to many parts of the world covering the continents of North and South America, Africa, Asia, and Australia. The wide customer base (more than 50) is a strong affirmation and support of the Company and its quality products.The core value of Guangzhou Galaxy Food Products Co., Ltd. is “Be a Socially Responsible, Environmental Friendly and Law Abiding Organization, Promoting Safe and Innovative Food Products and Services”. With this, the Company will work with good partners to push new frontiers and innovate a new era in the leisure food arena.

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Our main products are soft candy (including jelly candy, gelatin candy, cotton candy, jelly beans), hard candy (including shaped candy, shaped candy, crutch candy), powder candy, bubble gum and cake, decorative candy brand, biscuit, chocolate, printed candy and OEM products.




Beside Xingye Avenue, Southeast village, Xinting village, Hualong Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou